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26th-Oct-2007 03:40 pm - Threading Pleading.
Thread Pleading goes here.
17th-Nov-2006 05:09 pm - The Coming of the Slytherin Princess
A child wiggles in the cloth draped over her, letting out small quick bursting yelps. Her mother fingers the amulet of Horus, her eyes shut tightly to block out the noise of the guests congregating.

'Salazar, I just wish that-'

A man places his hands on her shoulders, rubbing gently up and down her arms.

'My love, I promise you, they will not perturb you anymore. I swear it.'

He pulls his wand from inner robes, and places it to his throat. His voice booms when he speaks next:

"I have an announcement." The bustling stops.


A voice calls out. "What?"

Salazar sets his jaw and stares down his mother's cousin. "Allow me to translate into English: LEAVE. NOW."

A number of small pops and most everyone is gone. Salazar smiles, turning back to Madaeze.

'Satisfied?' The woman bites her lip, still holding the amulet tightly.

'Yes. I just wish this was over. We have already named her, this is just formality.'

'Do not worry Madaeze, Tom and his family are good people. Lady Door was your age, as I remember. She reminds me so much of you. Perhaps not as beautiful though. And if you are tired after a time, we shall dismiss them.'


Much later in the day, as the sun wanes in the sky, the stage is set for the Slytherin Princess, ASENATH.
27th-May-2006 11:13 pm(no subject)
Rianna reacts to Sal's sudden reappearance with an angry hiss.
"The library, my favorite room in the house." Salazar steps lightly onto the Eygptian silk rug and turns back to Tom, sweeping his arms as he does.

"Welcome to Slytherin Castle."

The room is quite large, taking up about three stories and about a quarter of the length of the manor, with wide beams crossing and meeting in the middle. Shelves upon shelves of books and large ornate desks made of dark hardwood with accompanying chairs in similiar style. Most of the decor, including the torches and heavy drapes covering thirteen tall thin windows, were hand-crafted in Eygpt, Persia or (what is now called) Portugal. Three heavy canvases hang at the opposite end of the room, grave faces peering at Tom with fearsome gray, blue and hazel eyes.

A snake slithers past and Salazar picks it up, placing it on his shoulders.

Master Tom, Rianna. Rianna, this is Master Tom. He is our descendent.
4th-Mar-2006 10:09 pm(no subject)
Salazar enters, kicks a boot out of the way and sets the glass down on an ornate table.

"This way, it looks like the door lead to the front hall."

A snake hisses at Slytherin and he picks it up, caressing it gently.

"This is Riana. I am sorry my love, I was hopefully only gone for a short time?"
4th-Mar-2006 10:13 am(no subject)
The library is quiet, drapes drawn to keep out any unnecessary sunlight. There are a few books on the ground, some on a large ornate chair, others on a wood table. Flasks and bottles are set up in a line on the desk, each with a liquid settling. Baskets of odd-smelling furry things and odd-looking liquids line the edges of the room, one in the center fights to remove the top. A snake approaches cautiously and when the basket moves again, the snake recoils and lets out a loud hiss.

The man over near the door flinches. He had forgotten he let the snake in with him. He strides carefully over and picks her up, caressing her gently.

"I am sorry Dearest. Did my surprise for Master Draco frighten you?" He kicks the basket gently with his toe and mumbles a few words, carefully waving a wand over it. The basket goes numb.

"There you are. Now it can't hurt you." He goes over to the desk and places her down upon it. "Feel safe my love."

The snake lowers its head after one last wary look at the basket. Satisfied, the man finds the page he was in in the book of curses. A picture of a woman with her heart beating visibly through her chest stares up at him.

"This should be a fine thing for Draco's mother to learn." He strides surely to five baskets, picking out one bottle or flask from each.

He finds an empty bottle and pours a bit of the liquid from two into it. Then he takes a bit of some hair from a flask and adds a tuft of that as well. From a second flask, he adds a chicken bone. He looks again at the last bottle, carefully analyzing it.

"Too much, it will kill her. Not enough and all it will cause is a burning sensation."

He adds a teaspoon-sized bit into the bottle and the liquid turns a velvety-blue colour.

"To test, or not to test, Riana?" The snake answers with a murmured hiss and settles back to rest.

"To test then."
17th-Nov-2005 11:45 am(no subject)
Slytherin walks the passage ways of his castle..

His castle. Not his father's any longer.

All of this,.. this.. wealth, was his.

And he wasn't about to waste the opportunity.

With a curled (and slightly maniacal, some would venture,) grin on his face, he makes his way to his mother's quarters.

"Mother." He finds her in front of her closet, picking out a fitting dress robe and under dress for the journey she was planning to take.

"Yes dearest?" She smirks to herself and guides a corset to her bed.

"Get out." Salazar clasps his hands upon his locket and with the hand bearing the ring, he points to the door.

"You will leave this place, with all your wretched brethen and never more shall I bear your presence."

Melusine sneers at her boy, a brightness in her light brown eyes.


Salazar sighs and gestures to the door again.

"Do not make me throw you out."

"You would do well to humour me, if just until my death, boy."

A hand fling and Melusine is upon her back, just outside her door.

"You. Dare. Tell. ME. WHAT. TO. DO?" With each breath, every word, Salazar throws her through the air down the stairs.

"You will not stay here a moment longer!" He claps his hands and Melusine and all of her brethren are thrown out upon the marsh.

Melusine looks amused, if but a bit battered.

"Melusine. What is this, has Salazar gone mad?"

"No, my dear. Just stupid."
11th-Nov-2005 10:47 am(no subject)
Madaeze places her hand above the fire.

"I see great things in my future."

"I assumed we were reading for me?"

"We are. Our futures will intertwine, will they not?"

Salazar sighs heavily and swills his wine a little. Sipping, he raps his fingers on the arm of his chair.

You have taken far too long! I would have seen the end of times before you have even gotten through my childhood!"

"Patience. Unless you wish to do this yourself you lazy ox?" Madaeze looks up from her pyre and gazes evenly at Salazar.

If I wished for you to join me Madaeze, I would have invited you in.

A flash of silver light and Madaeze is flat on her back just outside the outer gates of Slytherin Manor.

She looks straight up, focusing on a cloud that passes by. You foul beast. I should rather join myself to any one of my father's choices than you.

Silver bloodshot eyes peer out at her from the cloud. "Perhaps. If it is what you wish."

The great Salazar Slytherin chuckles slightly and moves to his door.
2nd-Sep-2005 04:02 pm(no subject)
"Leave my room." Salazar Slytherin is kneeling before a fire, his pet by his side. A woman's face floats silently within the flames.

The tall woman at the door laughs oddly and walks across the room to the desk near the window. "Salazar, put out that fire. Come meet your cousin. She is quite lovely."

"No Mother, I will not." Salazar frowns and waves his mother off impatiently. "Taniha is a child. Merely a child. Madaeze is a woman. I have made my choice." The face in the fire smiles viciously.

A female's strong, thick voice fills the room. "The Egyptians are the keepers of the old magick. Salazar and I will create something beautiful." Salazar stands to face his mother.

"I have made my choice. You will have to live with that." The pet rises up on it's haunches, hissing and weaving toward Salazar's mother.

Melusine Slytherin recoils, edging up onto the window sill.

Are you scared of Riana, Mother? Why? Because you understand her, but can't control her? The snake slinks closer to Melusine, its tongue flicking up and down rapidly. The man Salazar grins pretentiously.

"I will go to Madaeze. She will bear children with me. We shall become something fantastic." The man goes to his closets, removing some clothing as he continues to speak.

"She-" gesturing to the fire, "will be the mother of the greatest and most terrible of wizards. You should be proud, Melusine. You should pay your respects. She shall bear the one who purifies the world. Her spawn shall wipe the filth from the earth."

Melusine sputters. "What filth?"

Salazar rounds on her, face furious but voice steady.

"The filth of muggles and the half-breeds! Mudbloods. Those that would lock us away, far from them. Those that would have us hide our gifts. Those that would DENY this family's greatness." He throws a necklace on top of the small pile of clothes. His eye catches the gleam and he picks it up.

"You see this Mother? You see THIS?!?!" The pendant drops from his hand and the chain shines. "This, Mother, was the necklace that my grandmother gave to my father after his father left them. To remind him to not let blood traitors dirty your line." Salazar snorts and turns back to his duties. A spell brings his trunk to his side and he places every piece of clothing meticulously into it.

"I hope that the next time I set foot in this place, I am well-received and given the respect due to me. And she-" motioning for a last time to the waning fire- "will be my bride, and as such, will be given the respect she deserves as well."

Salazar exits, trunk floating after him. He passes by the guests, acknowledging not one of the adoring or bewildered looks.

After he closes the door behind him, Salazar speaks in the hissing speech he had perfected, his voice rising to the window above him and a scream emits as Riana slithers past Melusine and onto the ledge.

"Wingardium Leviosa." A simple spell brings his beloved Riana to him and he and his things disappear with a pop.


The woman from the fire is laughing. She is not happy, but she is laughing none the less. She has suitors visiting. Where is her beloved?
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